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Our modern and well-maintained machinery is the basis for handling all orders with the highest quality standards and to the satisfaction of our customers. Our qualified employees are well trained in handling all our machines and even the biggest challenge can be managed. Regardless of wether cutting, lasering, plasma cutting, edging, rolling, profiling, welding, gluing, bending – the necessary machines are availabe for everything.

Amada Ensis-4020 AJ

Fast, individual, multiplex, inexpensive

Our newly acquired fiber laser system, Amada Enisis-4020 AJ, makes it possible. Materials such as normal steel or non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium) can be cut with this system without any problems. Laser cutting with the highest speed, maximum precision and outstanding energy efficiency.

  • Maximum laser power up to 9 KW
  • Maximum panel size 4.000x2.000mm
  • Steel, stainless steel and aluminum up to 25mm panel thickness
  • Brass up to 18mm plate thickness
  • Copper up to 12mm plate thickness

Plasma-/oxy-fuel cutting system Messer MultiTherm

The perfect addition to laser cutting:

Precision is redefined by our CNC-controlled cutting machine for thermal cutting and marking. A wide range of materials is covered by plasma cutting.

From mild steel to aluminum and stainless steel to wear plates and much more. Almost anything is possible. Thanks to the flame cutting table with a size of 6.000x2.500mm, oversized formats are also no problem.

Range of services:

Plasma cutting:

  • Steel: 0,5 to 40mm, separating cut up to 60mm
  • Aluminum: 1 to 30mm, separating cut up to 50mm
  • Stainless steel: 0,8 to 35mm, separating cut up to 50mm

Oxy-fuel cutting:

  • Sheet thickness up to 200mm.

Amada HFT 220-4 bending machine

Bending press for precise bending results

Just like the other Amada bending press, the HFP series is also characterized by the unique function of the lower press-beam: Precise bending results are achieved over the entire machine length, but without any expensive crowning device.

Trumpf Truma Bend

Bends also complex thin sheet metal parts with high angular accuracy.

Lissmac grinding macine SMD 123 RE

This is an universal machine for

removing cutting slag, deburring and edge rounding on laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cut workpieces.

An uniform edge rounding on all sides is given by 2 rotor heads.

Sheets with a thickness of 3-100mm can be processed.

Profile bending machine AH 120/3 AC

With our profile bending machine flat and angle steel, T- and U-steel, round steel and other types of profiles can be bent without any problems.

The rollers are smooth and the bending of different materials can thus be carried out without damaging delicate surfaces. Profiles with very small radi can also be ideally bent.


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